My seven deadly sins

Series of different selfportraits in the form of abstract digital paintings. First part is sprung from the biblic concept that there are seven sins of humanity:
Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony and Greed. 

  Sloth//  Seven sins, 2018

Sloth// Seven sins, 2018

The selfportraits are sprung from trying to capture my emotions and thoughts rather than my appearance. I have turned towards myself and how my mind and body react when I've put myself willingy and unwillingly in these situations.


  Greed//  Seven sins, 2018

Greed// Seven sins, 2018

  Wrath//  Seven sins, 2018

Wrath// Seven sins, 2018

Colors, forms and patterns are an important part, and have been chosen with personal meanings to them, and how I define my own emotions. For example, wrath to me can both be passionate, but also cold and calculating. 

  Gluttony//  Seven sins, 2018

Gluttony// Seven sins, 2018

  Pride//  Seven sins, 2018

Pride// Seven sins, 2018

Inspiration has been Hieronymus Bosch , Freud, and Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

When creating these artworks, I staged the different emotions. Some where easier to access than others, but it was worth to set out with a mindless impulse and let my emotions guide me.  

  Lust//  Seven sins, 2018

Lust// Seven sins, 2018

  Envy//  Seven sins, 2018

Envy// Seven sins, 2018

I would like to argue that all of these emotions are connected to your self and your actions, but also traditionally associated with guilt, or anxiety.

For me, the act of performing and recording these "sins" have been more of a release than a lesson of discipline. It is an act of defiance towards our restraint, especially in my homeland. It is also a strife towards expressing my emotions, to dare create a space for them in my body of work. It is also my own celebration of expressionism.