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OmVärlden: Världen drunknar i skräp

Visual identity, infographics and animations for the OmVärlden cover on the global trash crisis. 
The concept was to use trash as artifacts, to give trash a glorified status. At the same time, the rest of the items were used as trash. Pictures became objects, just like the trash items, and was also chosen with regard to what is considered "ugly" or "good" images. 

There are almost as many explainers (photos and videos) about trash as it is globally. Almost all of them have the same visual style: grey, dirty, depressing. With that, the reader becomes distant to the trash.
I wanted to try and make trash the opposite; high-couture, punk, and in your face. I wanted to make it something that is up close, yet distant. Because we are, in the end, distant to the fact that no one is taking responsibility of us drowning in trash.

The visual identity in itself is thus a statement. A loud exclamation mark. A way for me to be political in graphic design. 

skrap-tova-jertfelt-tema-omvarlden 2.jpg