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Poster: Berwaldhallen - Music, Biology and the Brain


Poster to the Interplay series of Berwaldhallen, September 2014 until May 2015. 

Interplay is a concept where music and science is combined in different thematical areas such as neuroscience, witchcraft, sociology etcetera. In the Interplay show Music, Biology and the Brain, conductor Daniel Harding performs Symphony no.4 of Beethoven and R.Strauss’ Metamorphosen. Afterwards, neuroscientist and pianist Fredrik Ullén talks with Daniel Harding about how music and musicianship influence our brains. My concept was to record my own brain waves while listening to Beethoven, drawing the lines with ink. I wanted to see how the symphony affected my brain and my hand, creating a synesthesia between music, creativity and the brain. I was inspired by EEG-waves and, of course, the note sheet.