Tova Jertfelt
Tova Jertfelt

We who live with the knowledge that we do not belong, that we are worthless, we who are fat, ugly, stupid and weird. 

We who have been taught that we always do things wrong, that we are wrong, that we are always hated. We are everyone, and everyone is us.

We have created a society where the individual survives by oppressing others. What if it was the other way around?

What if we never again competed for affection or respect. What if we stopped being afraid of being different, what if we stopped having our heads in the sand and instead said that it was our problem as well. 

What if we could help each other without judging each other, without excluding each other. What if we could like that we are so different? What if we stood up for each other? What if we dealt with our weaknesses with patience and communication?

Then nobody would be bullied.

Then nobody would be forced to fit in.

Then nobody would consider death because they feel worthless.

This is not about someone else, this is about us.

We are many, and we are different and we think and act differently. But we are everyone, and everyone is us.

We can do better.


Mentioned in Omkonst 

Tova Jertfelts informations-cube with indignant doodles and drawings/prints to support the vulnerable in the heel of the bullies fetches picture ideas and expressions from signatories whom were numerous for nearly ten years ago. Here, neither under- or over-organized images and text without context creates its own affair.

Achieved a working scholarship from Konstfack Graphic Design & Illustration department;

Tova Jertfelt has used the graphic workshop in an exciting way, both in her candidate’s work and in her previous work in the education. Tovas candidate project is about bullying. During the three weeks she has worked with drypoint and developed about 300 unique prints based on 30 different images. She has experimented with paint application and expression and thus created a sequential experience of prints. Tova also uses the prints in a different way - as building blocks for the story she is telling. The prints are used both as elements of an installation and as a basis for animation. Overall, Tova managed to use the special qualities of gravure in an innovative way.