Tova Jertfelt
Tova Jertfelt


Hello! I'm a multidisciplinary illustrator, graphic designer and artist from Sweden. Available for all sorts of projects and commissions. Currently working as a freelancer with mostly tasks like webdesign and editing, art directiongraphic design, animation, postproduction, social media communication and illustration.

I'm confident in using the Adobe series; mostly Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, Premier Pro and Illustrator. Beyond that, I'm eager to learn new tricks of the trade and in my work I take on tasks that involves facebook ads, front end design, wordpress, programming, design for mobile users, and google analytics + statistics.  

In my work I prioritize sustainable solutions and strategies in, see the sustainability manifesto. For me it is important to work with human rights such as equality for all, post-colonialism and with a normcreative mind. I also believe that art is for, and made by, everyone - not for the elite. 

For full resumé or portfolio in pdf, please contact me.

Exhibitions & workshops


4/5 - 18/5 Amidst everything and nothing, Hötorgsterassen, Stockholm. 


12 -23/5 Konstfack Degree Exhibition Show Stockholm Sweden

1/3 Shangri-La club, Hornhuset Stockholm Sweden

6-7/2 JUSTE Gallery Stockholm Sweden

14/2 Lecture; Antagningsprocesser och framtiden Konstskolan BASIS Stockholm Sweden


22-26/9 Workshop; Design Jam with Martin Foessleitner in Kuldiga, Latvia

15-27/9 Bild Berättande Bok, HDK + Konstfack, Göteborg Bokmässan Gothenburg, Sweden

1- 8/8 STLPN Window Project, Malmö Sweden

13/2 All these names, Konstfack Stockholm Sweden


Tova uses chaos like others uses a pen. She wields it and everything makes sense. Her illustrations are chaostheory embodied.
Tova is a dedicated and a very fast working person. Any task proposed to her she has taken on with determination and efficiency and delivered beyond what was requested. Her commitment to share her skills where needed has not been confined to the areas and people related to work.
Tova is a locomotive. She is always leading the train forward, pushing and pulling us along to achieve our goals.

Selected Clients

OmVärlden, Global Reporting, Hållbara Gotland, BRAND, Heartfields, Moyi Moyi, Hjalmarsson Stockholm, Konstfack, TYP Kulturkapital, Littlefinger, Lottarox, Stockholms Universitet, SVN Sweden, Plan Sverige, Riga International Film Festival & Art Territory Latvia, Afrikagrupperna

Currently working part-time as web editor, illustrator and animator for the online magazine OmVärlden.


June 2016 - November 2016 Intern in Communication at Afrikagrupperna Regional Office Johannesburg, South Africa. SIDA Internship Programme for Afrikagrupperna

2013 - 2016 Konstfack BFA Graphic Design and Illustration

Autumn 2015 - Erasmus exchange Art Academy of Latvia: Visual Communication

Summer 2015 - XSkool Konstfack, Door of Perception

Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015 - Sustainergies mentorship

Scholarships and awards

2016 - Achieved a working stipendia/scholarshop from Konstfack Visual Communication for my bachelor degree work "Vi kan bättre" 2016

2016 - Nominated to the Längmanska Kulturfondens Franke scholarship "who have distinguished themselves through special efforts and strong commitment to improving education" 

2015 - Recieved scholarship 15000 SEK from Ulla Fröberg-Cramérs Foundation for the GDI broschure 2015

2014 - Recieved scholarship 7000 SEK from Ulla Fröberg-Cramérs Foundation for the student iniative "Hållbara Konstfack-Studenter"