Textile Dreams
I was having a dream about you when it all suddenly turned dark. I was lost in this landscape of nothingness, of emptiness, of cold winter and a night sky with no stars. Somewhere I could hear echoes of what was, what had passed, what will still happen. I was afraid of this vast empty space. It terrified me, so I began to run. Somewhere in the distance, a person stood with his back to me. I ran towards him, desperate for the only solid thing I could sense and see in this darkness. When I came closer, I saw that the person was by a grave, paying his respects. I slowed down then, cautious of myself, afraid to disturb the grieving. But as I walked closer, the person turned and I knew it was me. I saw myself, as an elderly, alone and adrift. And on the grave I saw my name. I started to laugh.
— dream diary

An interdisciplinary project where I explored how subjective, chaotic memories from the night terrors can be translated into the realm of wake. With different pieces I retell the adventures of my nights. 

Blanket and pillows made out of recycled cotton fabrique.

Exhibitioned at JUSTE Gallery, Hornstull February 2016

Exhibitioned at Shangri-La, Hornhuset, Hornstull March 1st 2016

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